Author Topic: updated slk.trid.xml for SYLK - SYmbolic LinK data  (Read 281 times)


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updated slk.trid.xml for SYLK - SYmbolic LinK data
« on: April 01, 2020, 03:05:58 AM »
Hello trid users,

some days ago i used SoftMaker Office. The spreadsheet module can
read/read documents with filename extension slk.

When running TrID on samples with file name extension SLK inspected examples
are described as "SYLK - SYmbolic LinK data" by slk.trid.xml (See appended

My inspected examples have file name extension slk, but according to
documentation at reposcope or also extension sylk can be
used. This is expressed by changed line:


No Mime type is shown by current trid definition. The documentation mention
mime type "text/spreadsheet", but Gnumeric and sometimes PlanMaker register
a user defined one. That is expressed by new line:


With the updated trid definition now i also have mime type. ( See appended

The TrID definitions, output are stored in archive I hope that my
XML file can be used in future version of triddefs.

With best wishes
Jörg Jenderek


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Re: updated slk.trid.xml for SYLK - SYmbolic LinK data
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