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Hello trid users,

some days ago i run TrID inside Novell DOS 7 directory.

16 of 20 files with msg file name extension are misidentified by
adf-gen.trid.xml as "Amiga Disk image File (generic)" (see appended

So i run tridscan on these samples and i get a trid definition file

I delete obviously garbage patterns (short null patterns). Such
message files start with characteristic ASCII text phrase. That is
expressed by patter block:
   <ASCII> D O S   C l i e n t   M e s s a g e   F i l e :</ASCII>
At offset 25 often the file name like IPXODI.COM, DOSRqstr, TASKID is
stored. So i mention this in the remark line.

Afterwards comes a string like V1.20, v1.00 or 0. I assume that this
is the version of the DOS executable or Netware virtual loadable
module. After comma comes phrase " Tran ". That is followed by a
string like v1.00 or 0. I assume that is the version of the
translations in the message file.

Some bytes later apparently a padding with dozen null bytes occur til
offset 100. That is terminated by Control-Z character followed by
hexadecimal 1. That is expressed by XLM construct like:

A few information about this file format can be found in Matthias
Paul's German tips about Novell DOS. This is now expressed by
reference URL line like:
With the new definition the undetected Novell message files are now
described ( see appended output/trid-new-v.txt).  TrID definitions,
some examples and output are stored in archive I hope
that my XML file can be used in future version of triddefs.

The inspected MSG samples are misidentified as "Amiga Disk image File
(generic)" because adf-gen.trid.xml just contains a pattern like:
Unfortunately this expression is too general, because it also match all
Texts starting with word DOS. So i think this definition should be
removed. The real Amiga Disk image Files *.adf are still recognized by
one of the eight definitions img-adf-*.trid.xml. According to web site instead mime type application/octet-stream the correct
should be application/x-amiga-disk-format

With best wishes
Jörg Jenderek


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Re: msg-netware-dos.trid.xml for Novell DOS client message *.msg
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Thanks for the new def!