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Useful Stuff
(Last updated: 24/10/22)


Useful stuff


WWW tools

  • Online TrID file identifier
    Recognize hundreds of file types from any browser!
  • File Extension Seeker
    File extensions websites search engine NEW
  • Online Hex Dump
    Take a quick look to a file's header with only a browser
    Free Online Virus and Malware Scan
  • DiscMaster
    Experimental website to browse and search vintage computer files from


    WWW resources

  • - Best File Extension / Type / Format Resources List
  • FileInfo - The File Information Database
  • Let's Solve the File Format Problem! - Information on all manner of file formats
  • Forensics Wiki - Information about digital / computer forensics
  • - Forensic Computing Resource...
  • GCK'S File signatures table and other useful info
  • WEBster - The Place on the Net to Learn Assembly Language Programming
  • Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia
  • The Jargon File
  • Jargoogle
  • V.E.R.A. Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms
  • HydrogenAudio lossless audio compressors comparison
  • The Unofficial Web Applications List - Lots of free web tools
  • MobyGames - Video Games Database. Credits, Trivia, Reviews, Box Covers, Screenshots
  • - in-house developed software, and also a review site
  • WokFi - USB adaptors and Do-It-Yourself WiFi antennas (local mirror)
  • - Home of the Web's Best Freebies.
  • Auction Sniper

    Useful tools

  • 010 Editor - Hex Editor - Edit any binary file format with Binary Templates & scripting (free trial)
  • Back2Life - File Undelete and Data Recovery software for Windows

    Developers tools/libraries

  • Lua - The programming language Lua
  • Egrid Pro - Best grid component for Windows
  • - Home of the FireFly Visual Designer.

    More fun than useful... :-)

  • Il Motore Anagrammatico del Gaunt - Generatore di anagrammi a frase in italiano
  • ASCII Generator
  • Babbea - Ripescato il link in mezzo a qualche vecchio post su it.comp.ia! Babbea una sorta di cugina scema della venerabile Eliza!