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Python Programming Language + Triggertrap


This is a tiny Python module to control a Triggertrap Mobile dongle.
It just need Python v2.x and Pygame, so it should work on any system, Raspberry Pi included.

PC self-portrait! :-)

How To

Very little code is needed to take a photo. Just create a PyTt.Trigger object, and then use the shutter and/or focus methods with the desired duration (in ms).

 import PyTt
 tt = PyTt.Trigger() 

Here's a simple time lapse script:

 import PyTt
 from time import sleep, clock

 delay = 1 # initial delay
 photosnum = 10 # photos to take
 interval = 3 # seconds between photos

 tt = PyTt.Trigger()

 print "Start!"
 for i in xrange(photosnum):
     print "Shot %04d! Time: %.2f" % (i+1, clock())

     # calculate time from the start, to avoid timing errors propagation 
     waittime = (i+1) * interval - clock()
     print "  Waiting %.4f seconds..." % (waittime)

 print "Finished!"

Obviously there are many more interesting ways to use it, controlling the PC or device connected to the Triggertrap Mobile dongle remotely via Internet or Bluetooth, monitoring a webcam for scenes changes, waiting for commands via IM, etc. If you develop any nice scripts that makes use of PyTt, or a nice GUI, let me know and I'll be more than glad to make available a samples package, or link to other pages, etc.


PyTt v1.02, 4KB ZIP


Change Log

PyTt v1.02 - 15/03/13:
+ Trigger lag reduced to almost 0.

PyTt v1.00 - 14/03/13:
- First version released.


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