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TrIDNet - File Identifier

TRIDNet is the GUI version of TrID, probably more practical to use than the CLI version, especially for those not very familiar with the command line prompt.

In addition, with a simple double click, it have the ability to display a series of information about every match listed: the definition's file name, its author & e-mail address (if provided), a clickable link to a reference URL, remarks, etc.

Sample screenshot: TrIDNet recognizing an LA Lossless Audio compressed file.

At the moment TrIDNet is able to load only the filetype's definitions in XML format. Soon, it will be updated to support also the new single file .TRD package. Anyway, it's sufficent to download the archive with the XML defs and unpack it into the same folder.
There's nothing special to do for the installation and the registry isn't altered in any way.

Upon start TrIDNet load all definitions at once from the file TrIDDefList.TRS. If that file doesn't exist, or a Rescan is requested, TrIDNet will in turn load all the defs one by one from the original XML files; once the loading and parsing is completed, the entire TrIDDefList.TRS file is (re)written. This way, next time TrIDNet is started it will load all the defs in an instant.

When running TrIDNet, it's possible to specify the file to identify as a parameter. This way, TrIDNet can easily be integrated with various filemanagers, or even with Explorer itself. See forum for some examples.

TrIDNet use the TrIDEngine as its "core", and can also be considered a demonstration of the features that the library can provide. The same is valid for the Online TrID.

  For any info or question, feel free to contact me or take a look in the forum!


 .NET   TrIDNet v1.95, 32KB ZIP - (PGP sig)
   TrID XML defs, 2103KB 7z (7-Zip archive with 18040 definitions, 21/07/24
 (license note)

  N.B. The .NET Framework is required.

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Change Log

TrIDNet v1.95 - 26/01/16:
+ New directory structure for the definitions (.\defs\0,a-z)

TrIDNet v1.91 - 03/01/16:
+ Rebuilt targeting .NET 3.5, for better compatibility with older systems.

TrIDNet v1.90 - 27/03/15:
+ Added MIME Type support.

TrIDNet v1.80 - 03/09/04:
+ Full Drag'n'Drop support.
+ The file to analyze can be passed as a parameter.
+ Definitions Caching; vast speed improvement on first scan.

TrIDNet v1.62 - 20/01/04:
* Fixed a bug searching for strings > 255 chars.

TrIDNet v1.61 - 15/01/04:
+ Unique strings search speedup.

TrIDNet v1.60 - 03/01/04:
+ Better handling of malformed XML definitions.

TrIDNet v1.56 - 23/11/03:
* Fixed a minor bug that could lead to a crash on rare occasions.

TrIDNet v1.55 - 20/11/03:
+ Unique strings evaluation now is case insensitive.

TrIDNet v1.50 - 15/11/03:
+ Analysys engine enhanced. Now it can use some unique strings (if contained in the defs) in addition to binary patterns at fixed positions.

TrIDNet v1.0 - 22/09/03:
- First public release.