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mpcABX is a super simple ABX comparator for MPD.
It does just the absolute minimum, with a textual interface, no errors checking, etc., so another MPD client is needed to setup the playlist, set outputs, volumes, etc. The A & B tracks will simply be the firsts two tracks in the current playlist.

Being written in plain Python and using no additional libraries, it can work just about anywhere with no modifications.
It has been tested on Linux & Win PCs, as well as on Android with SL4A and on a Raspberry Pi.

Here's a quick look at the interface:

 mpcABX - super simple ABX client for MPD - by Marco Pontello 
 MPD address? localhost
 MPD port? (6600)
 number of trials? (10) 5
 test description? ADPCM 4bit
 Connecting with MPD...
 trial 1 of 5
   play menu:
     a: play track A
     b: play track B
     x: play track X
     s: set start position
     r: ready to answer

And this is a sample of the mpcabx.log file produced at the end:

 05/11/2013 01:47:42 PM mpcABX - 'ADPCM 4bit'
 05/11/2013 01:47:43 PM trial 1/5
 05/11/2013 01:49:06 PM trial 2/5
 05/11/2013 01:49:09 PM trial 3/5
 05/11/2013 01:49:11 PM trial 4/5
 05/11/2013 01:49:14 PM trial 5/5
 05/11/2013 01:49:17 PM correct answers: 3/5
 05/11/2013 01:49:17 PM probability of randomly guessing: 34% 


mpcABX v1.00, 1KB ZIP

Change Log

mpcABX v1.00 - 11/05/13:
- First usable version.