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This standard Win32 DLL library, based on TrID's core engine, make adding file identification / file recognition capabilities to any kind of application a very easy & quick process. If you need a managed library, check the TrIDEngine.


Here are some online resources or tools that use TrIDLib:
  • VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan
  • TriDup - a GUI for TrID with batchprocessing, duplicates finder, and more
  • SMF Search my Files - file searcher, copier, mover, deleter, duplicate finder, etc.
  • ReNamer - a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool, that integrate TrIDLib with a script


The free edition it's free for non commercial, personal, research and educational use.
Check the TrIDLib-API.txt file for all the API details and the difference between free & full version.
See the README.TXT file for some additional info about the license.

TrIDLib free edition v1.02, 23KB ZIP
TrIDLib samples sources, 80KB ZIP
Contains simple TrIDLib's usage samples in various languages:
AutoIt, C#, C++, Delphi, FreeBASIC, PowerBASIC, PureBASIC, Python, thinBasic, VB.NET, VB6


Change Log

TrIDLib free edition v1.02 - 24/02/11:
* Fixed an inconsistency with the Tag element.
+ Updated the documentation.

TrIDLib API reference - 21/02/11:
+ Updated the documentation.

TrIDLib samples - 02/12/09:
+ Added a Delphi 2009 sample (thanks to Arief Prabowo).

TrIDLib samples - 15/09/08:
+ Added a Python wrapper & sample (thanks to Elias Fotinis).

TrIDLib samples - 01/07/08:
+ Added a C++ sample (courtesy of Maciej Adamczyk).

TrIDLib samples - 21/06/08:
+ Added an AutoIt sample.

TrIDLib free edition v1.01 - 22/05/08:
* Fixed a bug that could lead to strange results on repeated analysis.
+ Some minor enhancements.

TrIDLib samples - 23/04/08:
+ Added C# & VB.NET samples to show how to use TrIDLib from .NET.

TrIDLib samples - 16/04/08:
+ Added a thinBasic console sample.

TrIDLib samples - 11/04/08:
+ Added a VB6 sample with a TrIDLib module.

TrIDLib samples - 04/04/08:
+ Added Delphi sample code with a wrapper Unit.

TrIDLib free edition v1.00 - 31/03/08:
- First release of the free edition along with some samples sources.


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