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BitmapRip - Bitmap Ripper

Simple tool to extract embedded bitmaps (JPEG, PNG, GIF) files from a given file. It search for bitmap's headers / signatures, and create a new file for every data block that seems to be a valid image. Could also be used to recover deleted/lost photos or images.



BitmapRip is free for personal / non commercial use.

 Win32  BitmapRip v1.08, 24KB ZIP
 Linux/x86  BitmapRip v1.07b, 28KB ZIP




If you found BitmapRip useful, you may consider a little donation!
Even a couple of $ will let me know that you appreciate my work! Thanks!

Change Log

BitmapRip v1.08 - 29/02/07:
+ Better JPEG extraction, especially from PDF files.

BitmapRip v1.07 - 08/05/06:
+ Ported to FreeBASIC compiler.
+ First beta version for Linux.
+ Added support for TIFF files.

BitmapRip v1.06 - 03/04/06:
* Fixed a bug with JPEG files with thumbnails.

BitmapRip v1.05 - 29/03/06:
+ Now works on files of any size.

BitmapRip v1.02 - 24/03/06:
+ Added support for PNG and GIF, in addition to JPEG

BitmapRip v1.00 - 23/03/06:
- Name changed!

JpegEx v1.00 - 22/03/06:
- First version available.