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(Last updated: 25/04/23)


XRK - Extra Redcode Kit


Core Wars

XRK is a complete Core Wars development system.
If you are not familiar with Core War, take a look here: - Information / Tutorials

Here's a sample warrior written in Redcode:

; Mice By Chip Wendell
; 1St at First ICWS World Tournment

Num     DAT	0
Start	MOV	#12,Num
Loop	MOV	@Num,<Ptr
    	DJN	Loop,Num
    	SPL	@Ptr
    	ADD	#653,Ptr
    	JMZ	Start,Num
Ptr     DAT	833

XRK: brief intro

XRK is a project started a long time ago, in and old & glorious Amiga 500, using GFA BASIC!
The DOS version have remained basically unchanged from 1992, and some times ago I have (slowly!) started to mess again a bit with the source and docs to make some modification.

Since it's a very old project, the old version will remain available for download. v1.36 is just the historic v1.35 with some docs update (minor errors, new addresses, etc.)

In time, newer versions will become available here.

Screen Shots Gallery

Here's a link that show XRK in action in various typical situations:


Here's a video that show XRK's demo running under DOSBox:

And here's a demo of the network mode, to share the workload of a tournament among various PCs:


XRC/32 & XRS/32 Beta, 73KB ZIP

XRK v1.50.1, 291KB ZIP NEW!!!
XRK v1.36, 318KB ZIP

Change Log

v1.50.1 - 23/04/2012

  • Docs
    After a long time, I have reworked the documentation a bit. It's now in English, and both in TXT and HTML format. The packing.txt file has been removed, and the CoreWar.txt tutorial haven't yet been translated.
  • Experimental Beta - 27/05/03

  • XRS/32 v1.68 & XRC/32 v1.71
    First beta of the Win32/Console port of the simulators (simple & tournament).
    Speedup of about 200% and more are common.
  • v1.50 - 01/11/02

  • XRK
    All executables require just an 8086 CPU, for compatibility with emulators and palmtops.
    PocketDOS emulator on WinCE tested and confirmed running with no problems.
  • XRA
    Error messages now have a customizable structure. Using the XRA assembler with any programmer editor is simpler.
  • XRC & XRS
    Fixed a bug that could lead to strange results using the standard (random) allocation, if both warriors were identical.
  • XRS
    Better performance in Quad-View graphic mode. Speedup from 10% to 20%.
  • DOCs
    Some correction in the docs.
    Addedd email addresses and homepage in README.TXT.
  • v1.36 - 21/11/01

  • XRK
    Docs fixed, mainly author's mail & postal addresses.
    Removed file LED.TXT.
    Added DEMO.BAT

  • N.B.
    Just some light modifications, so version number remain the same.
    Keep in mind that the whole package was updated for the last time in 1996, and it was started in 1992. When a 486 was a beast of a machine! :)
  • The Core War Imp Ring