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(Last updated: 29/01/20)


PEiD PE files identifier

EPScan - Entry Point code pattern scanner plugin for PEiD

EPScan is a plugin for PEiD, a files identifier specifically designed for PEs (Portable Executables); it's able to detects most common packers, cryptors and compilers.

EPScan add the ability to scan a serie of executable files and detect common patterns in the firsts 128 bytes of code at program entry point. This way, the process to create a new signature for a specific type of EXEs is greatly simplified.

EPScan screenshot

Running the plugin will trigger the scanning of all EXE files in the same folder of the currently selected one. In an instant a dialog box will show the extracted common bytes. As the format used is the same of PEiD's USERDB.TXT external signature file, it take just some cut & paste to quickly add the brand new signature.


Just unpack the EPScan.dll in the PEiD's plugins folder.


EPScan plugin v0.51b, 17KB ZIP

Change Log

EPScan v0.51b - 28/11/04:
* Fixed a bug when passing the plugin name to PEiD (thanks snaker!)

EPScan v0.50b - 28/11/04:
+ First public release!