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28 August 2010

A big milestone reached toady! Over 4.000 filetypes for TrID!
Thanks to all who helped sending new definitions - keep them coming!

29 March 2010

During the weekend this website has found a new home on a very nice server by Consultarea. Thanks!!

17 March 2010

Not much updates on this very home page, but works on TrID's library of definitions always keep going! Now it just surpassed 3900 recognized filetypes, and start targeting the 4K milestone!
The detailed changes log is always available in the forum, and here's a graph that include the past months/years:

10 June 2009

TrID was just featured on!
Definition's count is now near 3800.

06 March 2009

Even if this page isn't updated very frequently, TrID's filetypes definitions keep increasing steadly, as can be seen here.
Now there are over 3.700 of them!

13 September 2008

A new milestone! TrID just surpassed the 3.500 filetypes definitions mark!

28 August 2008

TrID is now one of the tools used by the notable VirusTotal, the practical online scanning service that analyze any uploaded file with various AV engines in parallel.
Specifically, TrIDLib was used via a Python wrapper.
The filetypes definitions list now count over 3400 of them!

02 May 2008 now run on a new server, faster and more dependable!
Few weeks ago TrIDLib saw the light: it's a DLL that allow access to TrID core features in other applications!
The number of filetypes recognized by TrID keep increasing: the list is now over 3.200.

15 December 2007

Another milestone. Now TrID count over 3.000 filetype definitions!

3 October 2007

With today DB update, TrID's definitions count is over 2.800! In addition to the detailed change log in the forum, here's a graph of the recognized filetypes in the past months/years:

Thanks again to everyone who have contributed new or improved definitions. Keep them coming!

21 June 2007

TrID now count more than 2.600 filetype definitions!

The occasion is also right to mention that TrID is included / used by another couple of interesting tools:

  • Universal Extractor (by Jared Breland) - a tool that can extract files from any type of archive
  • CodecInstaller (by JockerSoft) - a Windows program that detects the Audio and Video codecs installed on your system, analyzes files to understand which codecs they require and suggests you to install them
  • Be sure to give them a look!

    30 May 2007

    There's a nice new web tool online by some days: File Extension Seeker
    It's a sort of specialized search engine for file extensions listing sites. It periodically crawl some of the best file extensions web sites of the net, and let you make complex queries across all of them, in a very fast and convenient way.

    Check also the new resources list here: I tried to group some of the best and more interesting sites about file extensions, filetypes, file format conversions, computer forensics, etc.

    Last but not least. The TrID file identifier is included in DEFT Linux, a very interesting Computer Forensics Live CD!

    20 April 2007

    Now TrID reached 2.500 filetype definitions!

    29 March 2007

    A little update for tBDW, a brand new module for thinBasic that add some scripting functions for Project Dogwaffle.

    14 March 2007

    Just updated TBClamWin, the ClamWin antivirus plugin for The Bat!.

    20 February 2007

    Released a new version of BitmapRip. It sports better JPEG bitmaps extraction, especially from PDF files. Linux version also coming soon.

    16 November 2006

    TrID's definitions library continue to grow, and now cover more than 2.300 file formats!

    19 September 2006

    With today update TrID can count on over 2.200 definitions, for an equal number of supported filetypes!

    10 June 2006

    Reached the 2.000 definitions goal for TrID!
    Even better, there's now a Linux/x86 version ready.

    4 June 2006

    The new TrID file identifier version 2.00 is now available!
    It sports a new format for the filetype defs (now contained in a single package) and the ability to work on entire folders, eventually adding the guessed extensions to the files.
    A Linux/x86 port will also be available soon.

    26 May 2006

    Released two Linux ports for BitmapRip and RIFFStrip.
    About TrID, the number of recognized filetypes is now over 1.900.

    23 March 2006

    New command line tool available! BitmapRip is an utility able to extract JPEG (at the moment, other format coming soon) bitmaps embedded in other files.

    24 November 2005

    As for today, TrID is the 1st and 2nd hit Googlin' for file identifier! :-)

    23 September 2005

    Removed from every pages the counters from Webstat4u (ex Nedstat), after they started to inject advertising popups.

    18 August 2005

    Added DogLua, a new plugin for Project Dogwaffle.

    12 May 2005

    The total number of definitions used by TrID is now over 1.600!

    17 March 2005

    Time for a new little utility! PFCEx is a tool able to extract URLs from an AOL PFC (Personal Filing Cabinet).

    24 February 2005

    Just added TBClamWin, a plugin for using ClamWin as an antivirus scan engine from The Bat!.

    03 February 2005

    A new tool for playing a bit with personal firewalls is now online! Here is LeakOut.

    22 December 2004

    Available the new TrID v1.56!

    10 December 2004

    EPScan, a new PEiD's PlugIn, is online.

    24 October 2004

    I'm completing the italian to english translation of various pages on this site. Sorry for any mistakes! If you spot an error (shouldn't difficult, eh?!), please let me know! Thanks!

    The list of file fypes recognized by TrID now cover more that 1.400 different formats.
    Thanks to all who submitted new defs!

    Aprile 2003:

    SendMex has been tested and found to work properly on Mono 0.23, both with Linux (Redhat 7.2) and with the Win32 port.

    A news about SendMex was published on Software Zone!

    Added the SendMex utility to the new section for .NET software.

    January 2003:

    XRK v1.50 was tested on an HP200LX Double Speed palmtop. XRS & XRC already works - slowly but correctly. XRA & XRD instead doesn't works. Probably a new minor release will follow to fix the problem. At the moment it's still be possible to use the executables from the previous 1.36 version.

    November 2002:

    New XRK v1.50 online in the Software - Core Wars section.

    October 2002:

    Fixed a problem with the navigation's links on the menu bar (Thx CapitanoNemo!).

    Started to update the Software - Core Wars section.

    Expanded the Core Wars links section.

    New home page layout. With a bit of luck it could be even uglier than before! And that wasn't an easy task! Not at all!

    Now on line XRK v1.45 beta in the Software - Core Wars section.

    August 2002:

    The first version of this website was put online in this period...