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XRK - Gallery

Here's a serie of images to show XRK in action.
The warriors *.RED sourcecodes are shown in ConTEXT, a freeware programmer editor coded by Eden Kirin (Home Page).
I have written a simple syntax hilighter file for it, that you can be found here: Redcode.CHL

Mice - Sorgente Redcode Mice - Disassemblato
Mice: source and disassembled generated with XRD. Mice is a multisplitter, so it replicate along the core and activate the copies in parallel. Then each copy try to replicate itself, and so on.

Ferret - Sorgente Redcode Ferret - Disassemblato
Ferret is composed of two sections. The first is an efficent scanner that compare distante locations to search for enemy code: it if find anything, it fires paralyzing bombs. The second section is activated once the first completed, and it's just a very basic bomber.

Ferret Vs Mice - Debug
Ferret vs Mice in graphics, debug mode. Soon after the simulation started, Ferret had already found and shot Mice with SPL 0 bombs. For Mice a slow agony just started...

Ferret Vs Mice - Debug - Mice loosing!
After about half of the cycles, Ferret has finished the core scan, and the step 1 bomber started. The lasts of Mice's tasks are about to be killed.

Ferret Vs Mice - Fast mode
Match with 500 rounds in fast mode. The simulation output alternate between the 4 viewports at each round.
Ferret demonstrate a clear superiority.

Mice Vs Dwarf - Fast mode
Mice obliterating Dwarf. A simple step 4 bomber like him have no chances against a multisplitter like Mice.

Mice Vs Dwarf - Console mode
Again Mice vs Dwarf, in console mode. Text mode is less pleasing on the eyes, but way faster.

XRC Starting...
Things get serious, with a nice tournament. The warriors can be inserted manually at the moment, or read from a playlist and confirmed one by one, like here. Each player correctnes is checked when it's loaded in memory. And empty ENTER after the last and...

XRC Running
The tournament get started. Each player will have to combat with everyone else. After each match, the partial score is updated, and at the end of the competition XRC generate a report that included all details of every match.

XRC Running
An example of tournament in network mode. XRC in master mode is in a Windows 98 VDM, while a slave is running in emulation under PocketDOS-PC. For the network mode to work, the only requirement is a shared folder for the communications.

Silly REDMAP! :-)
Coreographic ending with a classic "Hello World!" in RedCode (created with the RedMap tool)!