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Here's a GUI for the "mpcbits" tool (look here) who can dump the actual bitrate for an ".MPC" Musepack compressed audio file.

Simpy put it in the same folder where the "mpcbits.exe" executable reside.

N.B. This tool is dedicated to the Hydrogenaudio community, as my humble contribution!

N.B. The .NET Framework is required.


MPCBitsGUI v0.36b, 9KB ZIP

Change Log

MPCBitsGUI v0.36b - 30/12/03:
+ Added a test bitrate graph.

MPCBitsGUI v0.3b - 28/12/03:
+ Added peak and average bitrate.
* Fixed bitrate values wrongly shifted up by 8-16Kb

MPCBitsGUI v0.2b - 27/12/03:
- First usable version.