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RIFFStrip is a simple utility for removing the RIFF-WAVE header from, for ex., a .MP3 file contained in a WAV file. It process all the chunks chain on the WAV file, and should work correctly with any type of audio stream: MP3, AC3, etc.
If the WAV file is a normal WAV-PCM, the output file will be a RAW-PCM.

Usage is very simple. Just supply the file name of a WAV file, to obtain a corresponding file with the added extension ".stripped".

 F:\t>riffstrip test.wav

 RIFFStrip v1.02b - (C) 2003-06 Marco Pontello 

 WAVE header found!
 Found chunk: [fmt ]
 Found chunk: [fact]
 Found chunk: [data]
 Stripped file: test.wav.stripped
 Stripping completed!


RIFFStrip is freeware.

 Win32  RIFFStrip v1.02b, 12KB ZIP
 Linux/x86  RIFFStrip v1.02b, 19KB ZIP

Change Log

RIFFStrip v1.02b - 24/05/06:
+ Ported to FreeBASIC compiler.
+ First Linux version available.

RIFFStrip v1.01 - 19/06/03:
+ Added full chunks chain parsing.

RIFFStrip v1.00b - 18/06/03:
- First "quick & dirty" version.