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(Last updated: 29/01/20)



Tracer / profiler for PowerBASIC


(coming soon...)


PBTracer sample screenshot
PBTracer at work: on display the execution counter for every source's line, dead lines/code (compiled but never executed) and a breakpoint.

PBTracer sample screenshot
Tracing works also for in-line assembly code.

PBTracer sample screenshot
Tracing a plugin DLL for JellyFish Pro.

PBTracer sample screenshot
Tracing a multithreaded application (Pulse from PB/CC's samples).

PBTracer sample screenshot
If a program crash for an Invalid Page Fault in a place that's difficult to point out, just jump at trace end to find the line who caused it (or the last executed instruction)!

PBTracer sample screenshot
If strange things happens, just check if there are some unchecked runtime errors!



PBTracer test version, 50KB ZIP

Change Log

Beta 0.35b - 01/11/04:

  • PBTracer Injector
    + Added switch /O to overwrite original source file.
    + Added switch /I to process include files.
  • PBTracer Browser
    * Fixed a bug when jumping to the first execution of a specific source's line
  • PBTracer 0.34b - 10/10/04 :
    + Added an hotkey ([E]) to jump to the first/next runtime error.

    * Fixed some parsing bugs in module PBTINJ.

    PBTracer 0.31b - 06/04/04:
    - Test version downloadable.

    PBTracer 0.30b - 19/03/04:
    - Screenshots updated.

    PBTracer 19/02/04:
    - Online with a preview screenshot.