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The Programming Language Lua

JFLua - Lua scripting interface

JFLua is a plugin for JellyFish Pro that add the ability to write Lua scripts that interact & control the editor.
You can write scripts that do anything from displaying a simple messagebox, to move the cursor, cut & paste blocks of text, modify the currently edited source (think about a source code formatter), compile it, automate repetitive editing tasks (sort of powerful macros) and so on.

When JFLua start, it simply let you choose witch script to run. The list is composed with every *.Lua script found in the directory "$JellyFishBaseDir\PlugIns\Plugins\JFLuaScripts".

Lua scripting interface

Scripting how-to



JFLua plugin v0.85, 28KB ZIP
Lua 5.0 binaries (Lua, LuaC & Lua.dlls), 182KB ZIP

Change Log

JFLua v0.86 - 02/03/04:
* Fixed warning messagebox for Lua errors.

JFLua v0.85 - 29/02/04:
+ First public release!