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(Last updated: 31/01/20)


PFCEx - AOL Personal Filing Cabinet info Extractor

Simple tool to extract favorites / URLs from AOL Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) files.
It generate a PFCEx.html file with all the URLs collected.

Works also on corrupted PFC files, so it could be used as a rescue utility to recover favorites and other URLs!

 C:\PFCEx> pfcex c:\temp\myfile.pfc

 PFCEx v1.10 (C) 2005-08 By M.Pontello
 Personal Filing Cabinet info Extractor

 URLs found: 15
 Extracted data written to file <PFCEx.html>.


The results HTML file can then simply opened with the default browser:



PFCEx v1.10, 15KB ZIP


If you found PFCEx useful, you may consider a little donation!
Even a couple of $ will let me know that you appreciate my work! Thanks!


Change Log

PFCEx v1.10 - 30/01/08:
* Fixed a bug affecting the extraction of secure URLs.

PFCEx v1.02 - 18/04/05:
* Fixed command line parsing, regarding arguments with spaces or double quotes.

PFCEx v1.01 - 01/04/05:
* Small fix to the syntax of the resulting HTML file.

PFCEx v1.00 - 17/03/05:
- First version available.